History of Siva

  Why run a Siva?

What this sort of replica (or pastiche) gives the driver is the experience of Edwardian motoring without the problems of a real veteran car that needs great driving skill and excellent fettling ability.  The old Ford, Citroen and VW are all reliable if well maintained.  There is no doubt that the purist will scoff and harrumph but fun and enjoyment is the name of the game.  I have enjoyed this sort of motoring for some 48 years now and it really is a complete antidote to the euro box experience and the trials and tribulation of the workplace.  The most common Siva is based on the Ford Popular from 1953 to 1959 which was fitted with a 10HP engine of 1172cc.  This engine develops 30BHP and is one of the last sidevalve engines used in a car in the UK (it was further developed for the new Anglia Prefect range in 1953). My own car is based on a 1937 7Y saloon with 10HP engine.  Other Sivas sport various combinations of parts from the Ford parts bin.

To find out if there any Siva Edwardians for sale contact me on sv1172 at aol dot com.  Also keep an eye on Ebay as Siva Edwardians turn up occasionally. These have been restoration projects, part completed and fully working cars.  If you have a Siva Edwardian for sale then send me the details and I will advertise the car on this site. As to values, the price can range from £1000-£2000 for a restorable example with a car in running order fetching £3,500 to £6,500 depending on the level of finish.  Above all these cars can guarantee cheap fun and economical motoring!

Tattered examples still turn up in all manner of locations - sheds, barns, garages and often under the remains of a tarpaulin sheet!  There have been a number of new finds last year - 2021.  It really is surprising that examples are still emerging blinking in the sunlight from sheds and barns. It seems that no one likes to throw them away! 

SIVA owners should join the Ford Sidevalve Owners’ Club, which caters for the sidevalve Fords ’32 – ’62, and holds a register of these Edwardian Sivas built on Ford chassis.  The club stocks all of the mechanical and electrical spares that the Siva Edwardian owner will ever need and, together with expert guidance and an excellent magazine every two months, provides genuine support. 

Click here to go to the FSOC 




June 2nd 2022 

Two Sivas at the Jubilee Celebration held at Bryanston where Siva Engineering built the cars and the kits.  The red hardtop belongs to M Saunders founder of the company and the yellow tourer to J Porter.

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