History of Siva
The San Remo model is the most rare of the Siva Edwardians.  Based on the VW Beetle chassis, the bodywork was similar to the four seater Ford model with a "Renault like" bonnet although the engine was of course in the rear!  The more attractive rounded front and rear wings are fitted which did appear on the later Ford and Citroen based cars.  As may be seen below the bulkhead was flat wooden panel whereas the Ford-based Edwardian used a more weather proof scuttle.  The Siva body was designed to bolt directly to the un-modified Volkswagon Beetle chassis (not Macphearson strut models) producing a sturdy boxed combination.  The original VW fuel tank is covered by the front bonnet.  The car pictured below is fitted with a false trunk covered the rear-mounted Beetle engine as shown in the picture on the right.  The Edwardian appearance is helped by the 17" Ford Popular wheels being fitted in place of the standard VW 15" wheels - while these will fit, the stud spacings are not exactly the same and it is possible that the VW wheelbolts could work loose on the road.

threequarterview The picture on the  left is a San Remo that was sold on Ebay in 2010 - it is believed that this well finished car may well have gone abroad.  

At the present time, there are no other known survivors...................
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