History of Siva

The first design of the range - the Ford 103E (Popular) based Edwardian Roadster 
  The Roadster is the least common of the two Ford based Edwardians with a known number in the region of 12.  Although two have appeared in 2004, with other isolated appearances latterly, showing that a definitive statement of the number of survivors is never going to be accurate.  It is true to say that many fewer than the Tourer were sold in the first place - probably in the region of 25 roadsters to up to 100 Tourers. 

One feature of the Roadster that causes problems in use is the fact that the seat cannot be adjusted back for taller drivers.  The seat actually sits hard against a socket in the body moulding preventing the simple expediant of just rebolting the seat further back as can be done on the Tourer.


This Roadster was built by the owner - the late Peter Norman. 

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This Roadster is now SOLD

Siva Edwardian Roadster based on a 1959 Ford Popular with one owner since originally built in 1972.  Powered by a 1172cc 100E sidevalve Ford engine.  The car is fitted with a removable hood and sidescreens for fully or partially enclosed driving when the weather is not so good.  There is a small dickey seat for two when required.  Runs sweetly and is great fun to drive Tax and MoT exempt.  Good condition but needing some TLC.  Located mid Sussex.  Price 3750.  


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