History of Siva

 Siva Edwardian overview

Some 100 kits were made by Siva Engineering of Blandford Forum, Dorset between 1969 and 1976 (finishing as Neville Trickett Design at Aylsbury).  The concept was originated by Michael Saunders who asked the car designer Neville Tricket to develop the idea of a veteran style “fun” car on a Ford Popular chassis.

The models offered with the Edwardian style bodies were:

Roadster (two seats) - Ford 103E based

Tourer (four seater) - Ford 103E based

Parisienne (four seater) - Citroen 2CV based

San Remo (four seater) - VW Beetle based

Raceabout (two seater) - VW Beetle based

Other than the Raceabout, all models shared many similarities in design and some common components such as seats and wings.  The Raceabout was greatly different with the pilot seated just in front of the VW engine with no protective bulkhead originally.  Later, a full wooden windscreen and bulkhead similar to the other models was available instead of the monocle glass mounted on the steering column.

Something in the region of 100 Ford based kits were produced but it is not known how many Citroen and VW kits were sold before Siva (run solely by Neville Trickett at this time) closed the doors of the Aylesbury factory in 1976.  The most common are the Ford based tourers and, far behind, the Ford based roadster.  There is one known example of the Parisienne in the UK and various in Europe.  One example of the VW based San Remo exists (being sold on Ebay and exported) and a few of the Raceabout.

During the late summer of 2017, a set of moulds (taken off a four seater body) were sent to Canada with an aim of producing Triumph Spitfire cased Bessie to add to a collection of Dr Who related items.


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